Friday, August 28, 2015

A morning in a village on hills of West Bengal

 While travelling from Ryshop to Kelimpong we stopped at this village for breakfast and tea. On the side of the road was a small shop. A middle aged lady was managing the shop. She was selling every thing from eatables to medicines, from bangles bindis to diapers.In her small shanty she had arranged everything. At one corner near a small window was placed a plastic table and two- three chairs. here she served noodles, momos to travelers. She was lively, hospitable and by talking to travelers from all parts of country has gathered quite a good knowledge of geography and customs and rituals of far off states. The village was perhaps named Ladam. On one side of road were few houses while others could be seen in the valley nestled between greenery . From here one road climbed up towards Lava. Our driver told us that while going we had took that road. The day had just begun. Clouds were rising slowly from valley, starting their journey to the high spiral of stately pines and then beyond .This gentleman sitting between two houses was perhaps trying to shake off his slumber.

On the road cattle were up and ready to go to green meadow. Women folk had slowly geared up to their day's chores. The boy in blue t-shirt. I forgot his name but I had a long chat with him. He was student of twelfth standard, commerce stream. I was quite impressed by his awareness level. He knew all about other state boards syllabus and pattern and had a fair idea about career option open to him. Living in  a village in remote hills with few houses, walking on foot daily to his college ...what was his source of update information I wondered.

Most of the youngsters of the village  were quite smartly dressed. Besides the young boy I talked earlier this girl standing besides Sunder too was very confidant and dressed in tight fitting jeans with a leather jacket to compliment it.She too was resident of  Ladam only.

He is Ganesh, student of class seventh.He too walks miles to his school.

This is the temple in the valley.

We might have stopped here for an hour or so but from hot, delicious breakfast, interacting with village residents to enchanting nature, I loved every bit of it.

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