Saturday, April 20, 2013

In commune with rocks

I had been to bheembetka caves to see the marvel of the paintings by the pre-historic man dating back to some 15000 years but the enchanting encounter with the raw rugged beauty of the rocks themselves left me spellbound. The bheembetka rock shelters are not only the repository of the paintings created by man belonging to various epochs of the time but they themselves are an outstanding examples of the exceptional beauty that nature provides in the form of the magnificent rocks. 
Unusually high formidable rocks flanking the entrance stand like fearsome sentinels guarding the magical art gallery created by nature itself.
Highly textured blocks of rocks, moulding into varying shapes entice our fantasy and a whole new world consisting of images of animals, faces, streams, people open up before us. Put your imagination at work and the rocks can embody just about anything. It is not only forms but the formless, the abstract patterns painted on the rock canvas that impart them a beauty beyond words. The patterns are descriptive enough to suggest certain forms yet they are abstract enough to leave the interpretation to the viewers imagination.
At places patches of uniform colors suddenly slides to an adjacent patch of entirely different color.
A crevice at the farthest end of a long huge cave frames the distant trees. It looks like a landscape painting adorning the wall.Nature itself lures as art.
Somewhere rocks cling to each other with a passionate intensity of being on with the other while on other place a boulder sits atop the rocky platform barely touching it.
At times the light touches the rocks in a way to uncover the hidden rainbows while there are moments when the cool dark shades make the rocks look grim and distant.

At first it is entertaining to observe the rocks with rapt contemplation and identify images but slowly you get connected to a deeper sense. From time immemorial these rocks stand there under the open sky in direct commune with Him above and He through His different elements wind, rain, sun bless them with His grace to be the carrier of such beauty par excellence. Isn't there a lesson for us --lesson of perseverance and acceptance.
The experience of rooting to earth's energy albeit in a different form is a humbling experience. Standing there midst the high rising rocks from all sides the silence echoes with resonance of bygone era. The blue sky above peers down, the tree, creepers all stand  in quietude. None of them appears to be overtly anxious to explain to you the strange stirrings within your heart yet the divinity that exists in every form of nature is benevolent enough to guide you to seek out your own answers.

Beauty comes as much from the mind as from the eye. -Grey Livingston


all pics by Sunder Iyer.


Location of bheembetka caves--- About 40 to 45 Km from Bhopal,Madhya Pradesh on Bhopal -Hoshangabad route


अभिषेक मिश्र said...

भीमबेटका जाना इतिहास के कुछ अनजान से पन्नों से गुजरना है। आपकी पोस्ट से वहाँ की स्मृतियाँ पुनः उभर आईं।

namita said...

अभिषेक जी...बिलकुल सही कहा .केवल 15 गुफाएं ही खुली हैं तब उतना बड़ा खजाना है अगर कहीं पूरी 700 लगभग खुल पातीं तो हमें महीनों गुजारने होते भीमबेटका की गुफाओं में.

Shobha Verma said...

mam, m glad to inform u that in sonbhadra(u.p.). recently there are founded some paintings which r more older than bhimbetka.
this place is still in list of unknown coz of lack of promotions..
as u know very well about
u.p. govt. :p