Wednesday, March 20, 2013

lyrical retreats...

The afternoon was clear, bright, full of blues and greens of nature. At a distance Denwa flowed majestically, resplendent under the glowing sun. Far off on the left the lone fisherman rowed his tiny boat. On the other bank stretches of green grass spread upto the distant huts. From the verandah of the forest guest house the lone vehicle parked near the watch tower on other side of river looked like a tiny match box.
A lull all around had a balmy effect, easing out the knots inside slowly and drawing me nearer to myself. The solitude was very comforting. The blissful feeling made me remember a line I read somewhere,'' When a truly great and unique spirit speaks, the lesser ones must be silent.'  I let myself be and surrendered to the nature around. Once you are really ready to communicate with the nature, it does respond.

The wind sensed my receptive mood and entered dancing and frolicking. It tingled almost dry, ripe leaves of Sagaun. The dozing leaves woke with a start and made an effort as if to scold the naughty wind but even the parched and broken sound emanating from their aged throats could not hide the bubbling happiness of their hearts. And why not ! for a languishing life what can be a greater pleasure than the lively, refreshing company of the exuberant young ones.
And then the wind stealthily entered the bamboo grooves and peeped into their privacy by gently blowing away the tightly drawn curtains. It's mischievous tinkling laughter filled the atmosphere with sonorous symphony.
A bird called out with a longing somewhere deep down the jungle and the wind suddenly stood silent and hushed as if to let the bird's call reach the one it was meant to. Buzzing of bumble-bee and humming of honey -bee echoed like soothing lull byes.
Being a part of something so serene and divine was a humbling experience. My heart filled with gratitude I slowly closed my eyes, but the wind had not yet called the day off. It suddenly sprang to dance with gusto and abandon and the stately Sagaun, Peepal and Semal joined in with rhythmic beats .The resonance of nature orchestra left me spell bound. Ah, it has so much to offer, so much to tell, we just need to tune in.  As suddenly as the wind appeared it retreated too and the hushed silence slowly crept in.
Being silent in nature is a kind of meditation. Beautiful rhythm of nature help us reconnect to lyrical scene, emotional beauty. Solitude that too midst such tranquil and panoramic vistas of nature are very enriching. It is definitely a very potential, charismatic phenomenon making oneself aware of one's inner being and outer things with crystal clarity. It energises one to plung in the depths of one's own being afresh and sets one to strike a diaolouge with divine. From tiny to gigantic everything in nature has a definite role assigned to it and all of them accept it serenely without questioning, without resisting. As somebody has put it very beautifully, ''the tree does not force its sap, but stands unshaken in the storms of spring with no fear that summer might not follow.'"

Pics by Sunder Iyer and namita sunder


Panchali said...

Spectacular pics...and your narration has a humbling intensity of it the way you pen down your thoughts,, Namita.
Thank Sundarji on my behalf for the lovely shots!!:)

namita said...

Thanks a lot Panchali......The serenity of place makes one reach within.The deep connection one feels is humbling.The trip has definitely made me more at peace with myself and in turn with the world.

who cares... said...

Thanks a lot Panchali ji...