Wednesday, May 18, 2011


i have already shared with you my memorable moments in the caves of Ellora ,but there i have not talked about Ghrishneshwar temple lying in close proximity of caves .infact the emotions felt at both the places are of different texture and i did not want to mix them up .
Ghirneshwar temple is one of the twelve jyotirlings.obviously a religiously important place but aesthetically and architecturally also it's a must see kind of place .once you are at Ellora caves ,it is not to be missed at any cost .
From Aurangabad ,our driver took us directly to this temple .one look at the throbbing crowd and colourful footpath shops ,we suddenly remembered ,it was monday ,the day of Lord Shiva .we had not planned to be there on monday but it happened .a feeling of peace and satisfaction slowly crept in .God wanted us to be at his this door on his special day.kind of as if we were GOD'S favoured one .
we left our footwears in the vehicle itself and moved towards the small ,low entrace to temple courtyard .a long serpentine queue was moving haltingly towards backdoor of temple .in normal days people can straight way walk inside through front door .it was a piercingly hot day .standing in the queue we must have been sweating profusely but the wait ,the crawling speed of queue was not at all weighing upon us .yes ,such is the beauty of the intricately sculpted temple exterior that we were oblivious to all physical discomforts .the most fascinating part was the colour scheme .i have visited many temples of varying styles ,belonging to different eras ,from uttaranchal to southern part of india ,but never had i encountered an exterior of such pleasing pink and purple .it is not painted .i don't know which stone is it or why it is of that colour but it appears as if the rocks ,the stones itself are of these colours .even under the blazing sun ,a kind of silky softness was oozing out of those stones ,may be it was their caressing that made us forget the blistering heat .have a look yourself......
the colours i fell in love with......

exterior of temple ,clicked by shubham while waiting in queue for darshan.this is the side where garbhgrih is inside the temple .

the intricate carving at the top .can you trace the human images in the grey portion.

it is said that the temple was built by RAJA KRISHNA DEV RAI during 10th century .however name of maharani ahilya bai is also associated with the present form and layout of the temple .
mandapam of the temple is also very artistic .the black ,majestic, pillars supporting the roof are adorned by beautiful carvings depicting various mythological references related to LORD SHIVA .mandapam can be entered from three sides and leads to grabhgrih towards the fourth folks have to take off their upper clothes while entering mandapam .the tradition is long standing and is still being followed religiously .grabhgrih has shivling and a white marbel statue of devi parvati worshipping the shivling.
the mandapam and garbhgrih was pulsating with activities ....chanting of shlokas and mantras ,rituals ,pooja ,archana.engulfed in these one definitely is in different world ,different frame of mind .but i still would have loved to be there on a quieter day .sitting silently ,facing the garbhgrih ,midst the majestic coloumns .may be some other day.............
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